Fly high with BuzzDayz Express Soundcloud Packages


$2One Time Fee
$2One Time Fee
  • 1000 Plays


$9One Time Fee
$9One Time Fee
  • 5000 Plays


$15One Time Fee
$15One Time Fee
  • 10000 Plays


$60One Time Fee
$60One Time Fee
  • 50000 Plays


110One Time Fee
110One Time Fee
  • 100000 Plays


$999One Time Fee
$999One Time Fee
  • 1000000 Plays

Buy Affordable Soundcloud Packages

Soundcloud has been the most influential ways young musicians can get noticed. The platform itself is using the latest sound technology and allows for free hosting of your music. Aside from that, people are able to hear your tracks and leave their opinion on your pieces. This is done in the form of likes, comments and follows. We all know how hard it is to start in the music industry and how much time some tasks can take. With the fierce competition of musicians all around the world, even the more obscure genres see lots of interest. Getting noticed in the sea of musicians is usually a daunting task. What should you focus on first – the quality of your music, or the marketing aspect? We have the answer for you. You can buy Soundcloud packages from use and cut to the chase – they will save you hours upon hours of your precious time. This way you will be able to focus on music production and create even better tracks. BuzzDayz will handle the whole task of getting likes, comments and followers to your profile. Your portfolio will gain several extra ounces of weight in the eyes of your listeners.

So how can we help you? All we ask is that you aim high – we will make it so you fly high. As the old saying goes – always shoot for the stars. Let’s take a deeper look on what we can offer you and how it will help you.


What is a Soundcloud Package?

Purchasing Soundcloud packages is the best way to advance your career forward without throwing thousands for marketing campaigns and PR. Of course, that’s an absolutely viable step too, but if you are self-funded and are just starting out, BuzzDayz can help you jump off the ground. Our packages are handcrafted for all types of musicians – very small ones who just want some exposure; artists who want to become local stars; and musicians with bigger dreams. Of course, larger packages are more expensive, but are much more cost-effective, compared to their smaller counterparts. One thing is invaluable, though – your time. Having enough hours in the day to make music is something every musician wants to achieve. Most of our customers want just that – to delegate the task of getting Soundcloud activity to us, so they can dish out even better tracks. We know what you want and how to achieve it – just let us know which tracks you want us to boost. We will start within 24 hours of your order.

Our packages include several things – Soundcloud likes, comments and followers. Each of these elements is vital to the long term health and trustworthiness of your profile. Of course, you might need only one, or two of these interactions. No problem, we can deliver them to you! But if you’re just starting and want to gain the full package, then our Soundcloud packages are the best decision you can make. The reviews here on this website show how happy our clients are with our service. You can take a look at our different pages to get a better look at the interactions, or you can continue reading here:

  1. Soundcloud likes – they are the backbone of every track. It’s the most straightforward reaction, yet one of the strongest. If somebody likes listening to your song, they simply click the thumbs up button and let you know about it. Gathering a high number of likes will definitely affect the reception of your songs in the future. People tend to avoid older songs without likes – after all, this may mean that the track is not of a high quality.
  2. Soundcloud comments – as with any website, comments make the community. Without comments, you just have your tracks. Gathering a strong community will immensely help spreading your tracks to more people. Discussions can also bring some valuable feedback – from fans, critics, or even famous musicians.
  3. Soundcloud followers – having a large following is a make or break factor when you are landing gigs. A large following also means that a certain number of people will be notified every time you produce a new track. This means more likes, more comments and more follows if they share your music with their friends. Usually followers are the hardest to get, but with our Soundcloud packages you won’t have any problems.
  4. Soundcloud plays – these are the bread-and-butter of any track. Soundcloud shows users how many times your track was played. If you have a lot of plays and less likes, people might be playing your tunes non-stop! This is a huge social signal to newcomers and you should expect a lot of new profile reactions in the near future.


Buy Soundcloud Packages and Ride the Wave

Getting ahead of the competition has never been easier! With our high quality services you have the real chance to outperform your peers in the social game. Of course, it’s not all about the competition – you will also gain a large amount of organic reactions. This includes plays, likes, comments and followers. Think of BuzzDayz’s Soundcloud packages as a long-term investment. You can always start with a smaller package and then move on to a bigger one, if you like the effects. Keep in mind that the numbers you buy will be delivered gradually and not at once. This is done to avoid getting busted by Soundcloud’s spam algorithms. After all, the well-being of your profile is our number one priority and everything we do is 100% safe. Nobody will ever know you bought a package from us!

Made up your mind? Go ahead and give our packages a try! Just order one of them and let us know which tracks you want us to boost. We will take care of the rest. You will start seeing your growing numbers within 24 hours. If you have any questions – contact us! We will be happy to help you out and provide the answers you need. We will help you aim high – fly high!