Buying Youtube services has become a great way to improve a video’s standings and exposure. We know that it’s extremely hard to get noticed in the sea of videos which get posted every day. After all, Youtube is the largest video hosting/streaming service online. It’s only natural that the competition is extremely high. After all, hundreds, sometimes thousands of videos are uploaded every minute from all around the world. However, we’re here to help you get noticed and gather a larger subscriber base. Usually such campaigns take weeks and months to achieve the desired effect. With our services you can expect an extremely fast turnaround. You see, we’ve developed a system of high quality profiles that we use to boost various videos. We can get you likes, comments, views and subscribers. If you’ve been on Youtube for a while now, you have most probably noticed that it has a very elaborate recommendation system. You will also be pleased to hear that it heavily depends on the stats of the videos. The higher the numbers, the more future viewers you will get. And by receiving views, you also have high chances of getting likes, comments and even subscribes. All you need is some quality content and our Youtube services. Let’s take a quick look at our different packages.


Youtube Likes, Comments, Views and Subscribers – What are they for?


Let’s start with the Youtube likes. They are an integral part of any video. Imagine having thousands of views, but no likes – that’s definitely not a good sign! Usually, a certain percentage of the viewers react to the video they’ve just seen. Let’s assume that your content is great and you won’t get more than 5-6 dislikes. Getting a thousand views might guarantee you 50-60 video likes, but there is no certain way of telling for sure. If you buy Youtube likes from us, you can seal the deal with a smaller likes or comments package. Those work perfectly together and will surely increase the exposure of your video and make it well-received by people.

Youtube comments are another important piece of the puzzle. Comments are an amazing way to start a discussion and immerse the viewers in the video. Some of the better Youtube marketers spend a lot of time answering various comments about their service or product. This is an amazing way to engage with the community and show that you care about what they have to say or ask. Having more comments means people watch your video and engage in conversations. Of course, just like views and likes, comments are taken into account when the algorithm tries to decide how share-worthy your video is. There are many ways to easily get a bunch of comments – the easier of them being a giveaway. Just explain in your video that you are giving away something back to the community and make people comment with a word or a phrase to enter the raffle. Job done! Our packages can help you start out and give you a nice foundation to build upon.

Youtube views – probably the most important metric on the platform. Views are the make or break number. With many views, your video can achieve a viral or nearly viral status. A high number of views means that your video may get featured in its category or categories. You have most likely noticed how Youtube suggests certain videos close to the theme of the video you’re currently watching. This content is either created by famous Youtubers, or has gotten a large number of views/comments/likes by users. Nobody knows how exactly the Youtube algorithm works, but you can’t go wrong with a high view count. Just like the other metrics, views are very tough to get. Users have to let the video play for quite a bit of time to score a view. Repetitive views do net you higher numbers, but your content has to be pretty good for people to choose to watch it again. Certain types of promotions are way more effective than others, but this is not the place to talk about them – it’s a completely different subject. Regardless of how hard it is to gain numbers, you can buy Youtube views from us and give yourself a nice head start.

Buying Youtube subscribers is the quickest way to get recognition and returning viewers. In organic terms, to gain a subscriber you need to make the user view your video, like it and leave him wanting more – or simply interested in the subject you are covering. Subscriptions themselves don’t mean much, but they are the perfect way to bring back a certain number of views, likes and comments. And who knows – the users might even share your content with their friends!


BuzzDayz Quality Guarantee


Whichever service you decide to buy from us – views, comments, likes, subscribers, or a package – will be held to our highest standards. We do not compromise – we always deliver within the acceptable time frame, our services are top quality and the numbers have a 100% retention rate. You see, some of our competitors use low quality bots to get your numbers high. The problem there is that these numbers start to go down with time – bots get discovered and banned. Our exquisite system keeps our profiles out in the clear and only posts relevant comments under the videos. Plus, we’re not doing it just for us. It’s always a pleasure seeing how a rising Youtube star gets noticed thanks to our services. After all, the users are the only judge of whether your content deserves to be at the top or not. All we do is helping you get seen by more of them. Don’t be shy, check out our different service pages and see for yourself how useful our Youtube packages can be. It takes just a little push to get noticed in the sea of videos. BuzzDayz can show you the way. We can help you aim high and fly high.