Soundcloud services have gained traction in the past few years. Many artists have been turning towards paid likes, plays, comments and followers. They are a really amazing and innovative way to get ahead without investing hundreds, even thousands in marketing schemes. Granted, they can be very effective, but they require both time and money, which young artists often lack. This opens a niche for lower-priced solutions. We tried many ways to improve Soundcloud profiles, but settled with our current system. It’s perfect for this kind of job! With its help, we’re able to boost our customers’ profiles and help them reach a level of recognition that was impossible before (at least without many sleepless nights of social marketing). The main selling points of our Soundcloud packages are the fast delivery and the 100% retention rate. Some of our competitors use software with bots – they get deleted more often than not and you are left with less money and not enough plays or likes to go forward. This is not the case with us – the numbers you buy will stay with you and will keep getting bigger with time.

How do we do this, you might ask? First off, we have years of experience helping people all around the world to get more exposure. We’ve mastered the ins and outs of our job and we’re able to bring you even more likes and comments without any hassle. Second, our professional software. The system has been developed through thick and thin. We’ve had several iterations which were not that successful, but the current version is better than ever – and this doesn’t mean it’s good. This means it’s great! We’re using real profiles, gradually delivered to avoid spamming your profile. The whole process looks completely natural and it’s impossible for others to guess that you’ve bought any Soundcloud packages.



The Struggle and the Solution

We know how hard it can be to keep your head out of the water. You probably have a job and you spend most of your free time preparing tracks and cooking beats. Adding an additional layer of marketing can feel like a full time job. This would be completely possible if the day had more than 24 hours, but sadly, it doesn’t. It’s hard to get noticed and attract new listeners. You want to get more people to listen to your tracks? You can buy Soundcloud likes or plays. These two are the essential stats of a successful track. Investing in these metrics will bring positives to your tracks in the shorter term. Of course, these numbers will start growing once you catch the eye of more real people.

If you are looking for a longer term investment, however, you should definitely buy Soundcloud followers and comments. By purchasing these packages your profile will get much livelier! It will be easier for people to write a comment below, given how many of them they see already posted. The high number of followers will bring more followers to your side. And followers get notified about each and every track you release. This guarantees a set number of fresh listens to every new song you post!

Soundcloud services are not limited to these effects. A combination of all four metrics can substancially increase your chances of landing a gig. Since internet is so easily accessible nowadays, you should think of your Soundcloud profile as your portfolio. Venue owners are more likely to check out your online presence, give a listen to your music and see for themselves if people are leaving positive feedback. When they see five-digit plays, thousands of likes and followers, hundreds of comments – they will feel much more inclined to let you perform live. Nobody trusts a small profile. Of course, music is what matters the most, but quality isn’t everything. You absolutely need that social leverage to help you out in your negotiations.


Buying Soundcloud Services and Profile Safety

Many websites will ask for your login credentials to be able to carry out their job. This is completely pointless and often sets the ground for hacked or stolen accounts. You don’t want that and we don’t want it either. This is why we will never ask for your login details. All you need to do is order one of our Soundcloud packages and point us to the track or profile you want us to boost. As mentioned before, our service is 100% safe. Our help will not be flagged as spam and the numbers will not shrink with time. On the contrary, they will keep growing, as you will start attracting more and more people to your profile. Finally, your amazing tracks will receive the recognition they deserve. We’ve heard of cases where local radios play songs from chosen Soundcloud profiles. This is an amazing way to get some huge additional exposure for free! You just need to set the grounds first. What better way to do this than to buy our Soundcloud packages? We offer the whole service – from A to Z. We can provide you with Soundcloud plays, likes, followers and comments.


It’s Working – What’s Next?

Now that your packages have been delivered you need to make a decision. Will you just continue making music, or will you ride the wave and use the opportunity to get even more famous? After the initial boost is done, it will be much easier to expand. Spending more time on your social image and engaging in conversations is the way forward. Get people emotionally invested in your music! This will make them share your tracks to their friends and further increase your reach. On your side, since you have already fortified your profile, you can start sharing your music and Soundcloud links to more places – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Youtube. If you need any help with strengthening those profiles too, just check out our other services. Soundcloud is just a star in the myriad of services we offer! We’re ready to help you go big – you just need to trust us and let us do our job.